Florida Department of Management Services

Florida Department of Management Services

What security mechanisms are need to protect the DMS systems from both state employees and users accessing over the internet?

There a two security mechanisms that can greatly help in protecting the DMS system from threats caused by state employees and users either knowingly or unknowingly. These security mechanisms include use of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Virtual Private Networks (Shoniregun, 2007). Internet Protocol Security is defined as a protocol suite that enhances security of internet protocol communications through encrypting IP packet data for every communication session. IPsec can be applied in implementing mutual authentication between various agents and also in determining the cryptographic keys necessary during each session. IPsec can be used in enhancing security primarily of data flows through three major ways. First, it can be used to secure data flows between security gateways. This is also referred to as network-to-network protection. Second, it can protect data flows between a pair of hosts, and lastly, between host and security gateway.

Virtual Private Networks can also be used to protect the DMS systems. Virtual Private Networks are especially important where there is use of Wi-Fi hotspots which may not be secure (Douligeris & Serpanos, 2007). Virtual Private Networks are import since they enhance the extension of private networks across unsecure networks such as public network. A Virtual Private Network enables users to exchange data over public networks in a way which seems like the computing devices are connected directly through a private network. Virtual Private Networks can be developed by creating virtual point-to-point connection. This is achieved through the use of traffic encryption, dedicated connections or by using virtual tunneling protocols. In the state system such as Florida Department, the employees would use their work credentials to authenticate while logging onto the DMS system via the VPN access. This enhances security.

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Visit the DMS Web site and list the major services found there. Discuss the relative merits of each.

Florida Department of Management Services provides a number of key services through its DMS Web site. The web site provides state employees and agencies with business operation and human resource support (“Florida Department of Management Services” 2016).

Human resource support

Human resource support is one of the major services provided under the DMS web site. Human resource support is mainly involved with the running of the state personnel system. It is subdivided further into four sections namely Florida Retirements System, Human Resource Management, Insurance Benefits, and People First.

The Florida Retirement System provides services related to management of retirees and administration of pension. The division serves a number or roles concerning retirement planning. For instance, it is responsible for administering retirement benefits, overseeing the general management of the pension fund, monitoring, ensuring compliance to state and federal policies, providing financial advice to members, administration of debt services, and among other roles. Human Resource Management pertains to the management of the state’s entire workforce. The human resource management division in conjunction with agency personnel offices develops employment guidelines, strategies and practices affecting all employees. The Insurance Benefits division formally known as the Division of State Group Insurance (DSIG) is responsible for developing appropriate insurance cover for state employees. People First division concerns the provision of human resource services through an information management system. Some of the services provided include attendance and leave services, organizational management, payroll management, and among others (“Florida Department of Management Services” 2016).

The merits of the above is that state employees can easily access services at any time. They can also be able to access services on their own without having to visit physical offices. Another merit is that the system reduces the operating costs incurred by the state government. This is because it reduces the need for personnel who would be required to provide the same kind of services provided by the system.

Business operations

The DMS web site provides a number of business operations of the state government. The major services provide under business operations include fleet management, real estate development and management, and state purchasing. The state purchasing division enables the state government to give the best value for goods and services. This division includes items such as vendor information, information about state contracts, details on how to do business with the state, information on the state’s emergency network, and training and certification with relation to public purchasing. In real estate and development sector, DMS web site contains information about the general management of the state’s pool of facilities. This contains details on leasing, operations and maintenance and building and construction regulations. The fleet management division is concerned with managing Florida’s aircrafts, private prisons, and federal property.

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The merit of this is that it enables Florida provide high quality services to customers. Use of the DMS web site also enables the state to lower operational costs. The revenues saved can be used for other development purposes.

Suggest improvements to existing services and suggest new services that should be added.

A new service that could be added is the online purchasing system that will enable users to make purchases online. Users will be able to access vendor information online as they order products. This system will enhance trade in the state. Another service that should be added is a web-based application that enables users to access general information about the state government. This platform should allow the state government to post government reports, disseminate crucial information to the public, and possibly receive feedback from the same public.


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