Egocentrism or Sociocentrism -Critical Thinking Paper


Identify a time where you, someone you know, or a group of people have displayed sociocentrism or egocentrism. Explain what could have been done differently and list some specific ways that these forms of thought can be eliminated from one’s life.

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Egocentrism-Critical Thinking Paper

Human being is known to be social and as a result, he is organized in social groups that share the same ideas and concepts, and this gives him a sense of belonging and appreciation. However, some groups have the tendency of assuming and displaying the superiority of one’s social group. Good performing students are widely known to move in groups and most cases, good performers only hang out with other bright students. As a result, these students think that they are righteous and correct in all they do. In extreme cases, they look down upon low performance in school since they believe they are better than anyone else.

Regardless of holding a higher position in a school or class due to their exemplary performance, these bright students should not despise low performers.  Instead, they should dedicate more time to their low-performing friends to help them improve their academics. By committing to fairmindedness, these students can help to increase cohesion and integration in class (Surtees, 2012). However, one can be able to eliminate these thoughts of superiority through understanding that an individual has a special relationship to their minds, finding the correlation between academics and real life situations and finally learning both emotionally and intellectually


Surtees, A. D. (2012). Egocentrism and automatic perspective taking in children and adults. Child Development, 83(2),, 452-460.

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