Components of an Information System


discuss each of the different components of an information system, and then explain how you can use the five-component model to guide your learning and thinking about

 Define each component of an information system.

Define how you can use the five-component model to guide your learning and thinking about information systems.

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Components of an Information System

Information system refers to integrated set of components that help in collecting, organizing, storing, and processing of data for useful purposes. There are various components of an information system. The first component is the hardware. The hardware comprises of the physical computers, machines, associated devices, computer systems, and various media (Kroenke, Bunker, & Wilson, 2013). The second component is software resources. Software refers to information processing instructions that are stored as programs. The various resources associated with software include application software, system software, and procedures. The other component is people. Every information system is developed for end users or clients who utilize the data or information produced. Information system also comprises of specialists who are responsible for its development and maintenance (Kroenke, Bunker, & Wilson, 2013). The next component is data resources. Data refers to the alphanumerical input that is converted to information as output. The last component is procedures. Procedures refers to policies that guide users in the operation of the information system.

The five-component model can guide one in learning about the information system. Having knowledge concerning the five-component model enables one to understand how the entire information system works. The five-component model acts as a guide to learning and thinking about the information system. For instance, the learner can focus on a single component and understand about how it works or how it interacts with other components before moving to another component. It thus promotes a structured approach to learning and understanding the information system. One can use the five-component model to learn more about new computer-based information systems. For instance, one can focus on programs, system administration, hardware needs, databases, and others.


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