College Success Strategy


Describe your career goals . The heading for this section is Career Goals.Describe how you will utilize time-management skills effectively to achieve goals .The heading for this section is Time Management Techniques. Describe your learning style and the study methods that you will use to be successful in college. The heading for this section is Study Methods for Academic Success.

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College Success Strategy

Career goals

Having enrolled in college to study project management, I  feel that having career goals can help me believe in myself as well as fueling my ambitions.  Having career goals in more than just having a plan for my work life and holding myself accountable. Some of my major career goals in this business include being strategic. A good project manager should be flexible enough to get out of that To-Do List mentality with most individuals. Being strategic in managing projects helps in doing the right thing at the right time for the project given the path it is taking.  Additionally, it is my goal to understand the financial impacts fully (Springer, 2013). A good project manager always has a plan and understands the implications of going over the budget to the business and the relationship between the business and their partners. As a result, it enables him or her to design a corrective plan or a way forward. Finally, it is my career goal to be a good communicator considering that communication is key to a successful project management in any organization.

Time management techniques

Time management is the key to success in most project management assignments. Notably, time management is basically the ability of an individual to organize and plan the time spent on daily activities. To be in a position to effectively manage the available time to achieve career goals, I need to know and understand my goals. Understanding the project goals helps in focusing the activities that support the project goals, both short and long time. Additionally, effective time management calls for prioritization of duties and responsibilities. As a result, I need to identify and differentiate the important and urgent tasks, important but not urgent duties and urgent but not important goals (Mackenzie, Nickerson, & Pratt, 2014). On most occasions, the important and urgent needs and responsibilities should always be given the priority. Finally, there is the need to plan ahead to avoid jumping into the work day with no clear idea of what needs to be done.

Study Methods for Academic Success

Being a college student can be quite challenging considering that it involves many hours and days of studying, taking exams and writing papers. However, to be a good student, I need to create a game plan for each study session.  Considering that each session is different, it is my duty to design a plan to tackle and address each session independently by getting to know my fellow students to for group works, asks questions both in class and outside the class as well as keeping my professor busy with questions (Mary.T, & Shalini, 2012). Despite the need for academic success, there is the need for taking breaks within the day to get refreshed and gear up for the next study session. Finally, it is necessary to choose the right environment for my studies where there are no distractions, and I can get peace of mind.


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