G-10 Holding code of conduct


The company G10  Holdings provides bookkeeping and office management services. We can either provide the software or send a Representative out to implement anything and everything that would make that business office run efficiently and effectively. Our software provides both bookkeeping and office management functions. It has a calendar to track appointments, sends reminders calls/text/email to customers along with invoicing and many more functions that can help the office run smoothly through one system. We can also provide policies, producers and SOPs for the company. once our tech goes in and evaluates the company to see exactly what they need done.

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Code of conduct

Different companies and organization have a different code of ethics and professional conduct that widely depends on the nature of the business of the organization and the nature of the industry the company or the organization operates. An organization’s code of conduct should cover major legitimate, moral and consistence chance zones to help control representatives of all levels to settle on the correct choices and decisions in the work environment notwithstanding when they are difficult (Nagamine, 2015). Due to its importance to a company, the management should strive to ensure that every single member of the workforce has read and understood all that is required of him even before commencing or assuming his or her position in the company. Therefore, all code of conducts should be detailed with any troublesome legalese. Therefore, a code of conduct consists of standards, qualities gauges, and decides of conduct that guide the choices, methods, and systems of a company in such a manner that adds to the welfare of partners and regards the privileges of every single influenced constituent (Pearsall, 2013).

Considering that G-10 Holdings in a service organization that provides bookkeeping and office management operations, it requires a strong code of conduct to guide all its operations. This code of conduct should make sure that there is a smooth and professional relationship among employees and between the company and its clients. Below is the proposed code of conduct.

G-10 Holding code of conduct


Do not be evil. All G-10 Holding should apply these words to show how they will be committed and dedicated to serving our clients across all levels of the community without favoritism or segregation. This phrase should be a motivating factor and a reminder to all employees of their duties and responsibility to provide high quality and unbiased services, focusing on the needs of our customers and giving them the best products and services that we can provide. Additionally, these words also focus on doing the right thing by following the law, rules, and regulations set aside to guide daily operations of our company, acting honorably and treating colleagues with courtesy and respect.

Ethical principles

  1. Honesty – we act with utmost honesty in all our transactions
  2. Integrity – we operate with integrity in everything that we do.
  3. Professionalism – we act within the set rules, regulation and in the spirit of relevant laws.
  4. Competence – we incorporate the appropriate abilities and knowledge to serve the demands and needs of our clients.
  5. Objectivity – we are objective in advising our customers on the best practices for their entities.
  6. Confidentiality – we respect the privacy of information and data regarding our customers.
  7. Fair business practices – we are committed to providing unbiased business practices across all levels of the society.
  8. Responsibility to the community – we respect and appreciate the impact we have on the environment, people and world that we operate in.
  9. Respect and fair treatment – we give all our employees equal opportunities and chances with courtesy and fairness
  10. Accountability and decision making – we lead by example by applying our shared values in everything that we do.

Shared values

Our shared values within the company should unite us and use our diversity to make us one big and the strong team moving in one direction. Our strength and motivation are based on our culture, commitments, and dedication to sharing information, trust and assisting each other in the work processes and procedures. Our shared values are based on:

  1. Integrity
  2. Dedication to each other
  3. Strength from diverse community and culture
  4. Outstanding value and commitment to our clients and market

Who should follow our code?

We expect and encourage all our members of our workforce as well as members of the board of directors to read, understand and follow the code. Notably, failure to follow any of the rules and regulations set forth by the company can result in a disciplinary action taken against any member of staff or board including suspension or in the worst case termination of their services. Irrespective of the fact that the code is written specifically to G-10 Holding employees we expect all contractors, consultants and other temporary workers working for our organization to observe and follow our code of conduct.

No retaliation

G-10 Holding abolishes any retaliation against any member of our working force who reports or directly or indirectly participates in an investigation regarding violation of our rules and regulations as well as the laws guiding our operations.

Serve our clients

Clients will not only value us for our products and services but also because we hold ourselves at a higher level on how we deliver our products and services, how we treat them as well as how we operate and treat each other.  As a result, integrity, privacy, security and responsiveness should be our priority.

Avoid conflict of interests

We should all think of the consequences of our actions especially in occasions where we are in dilemma of making hard questions that can either benefit us personally or those that would benefit the company or the client.  In such situations, we should all put the interests of our company and clients ahead of our personal interest for us to compete effectively in the markets and provide high-quality products and services.



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