Career Discovery


A one page mentoring plan including a description of who you will select as a career mentor and a contact introduction email that you will send to your proposed career mentor.

Sample paper

Career Discovery

Mentorship programs are critical in nurturing students or trainees in a particular field. Mentorship programs enable the mentees to deepen their knowledge and skills in a certain area. Mentorship programs provide a great opportunity for learning the deeper insights of a particular field. The mentorship program is important since it will enable me learn the ropes of the industry and possibly develop connections. As such, it will be easier to search and apply for jobs once I am through with my studies. The following is the mentoring plan that I plan to use to enhance my professional development.

  1. Personal Details

Name of the Mentee:

Name of the Mentor: Tim Cook

Other Members: Jonathan Ive

Focus Area: Career development in ICT management

  1. Mentee Career Goals

Major Goal: To become an information security or information technology (IS/IT) manager in a global technology company.

5-Year Goal: To join employment in a leading technology company that can provide me with opportunities for growth in my career as well as experience in managing the information systems.

  • Analysis of Discipline-Specific Knowledge and Skills
  • Evaluation of my planned research project
  • A discussion on the relevant research skills that might help me in meeting the goals of my learning and for professional development.
  • A structure of how I can acquire the appropriate research skills.
  1. Evaluation of Basic Principles Guiding Scientific Conduct in the Field
  • General principles guiding IS/IT professionals
  • An analysis of industry standards
  1. Career Development
  • Providing instruction about professional practices through any appropriate methods open discussions
  • Training or mentoring about leadership skills.
  1. Formal Evaluation
  • Review of the progress towards mentorship goals