Applying Network Models

Applying Network Models

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Provide at least one example of when you might use (1) the minimal-spanning-tree technique, (2) the shortest path, and (3) the maximal flow through a network technique. and explain why it would be the appropriate technique to apply in each of the situations you describe. Please be thorough and provide enough detail to allow meaningful responses from your classmates.

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Applying Network Models

At times people are supposed to represent their ideas and concepts in the form of graphs or drawings. The network model is a database model established and developed as a flexible way of representing ideas, concepts and objects and their relationships and correlations. Thus, when applying a network model, one may be forced to use a chain or a web to show the relationship between concepts (Castillo, 2012).  A chain can represent a simple relationship may be represented by a chain, but a web can represent a complex correlation.

The minimal – spanning – tree – technique

A spanning tree of representation is a subgraph that consist all the vertices and is a tree-like structure or model. One single graph may have different spanning trees. The minimal – spanning – tree –model may be used in designing a network especially a phone network design. Thus, the area of coverage and number of phones that an individual wants to cover determines the complexity of the model.

The shortest path model

This technique is used to find the path between two vertices in a graph. The graphs vertices correspond to intersections and edges correspond to segments. In most cases, this model is used to find the shortest route to get to a destination to save time and energy (Castillo, 2012). This technique may be used by engineers to construct a road from one point to another.

The Maximal flows through a network technique

Maximum flow models help to find a feasible flow through a single-source, single-sink flow network that is maximum. This technique is widely used to solve special cases of more complex network flow problems.  Linear programming is an example of a situation and scenario where the maximal flow model can be applied to find a solution considering that constraints are given by the definition of a legal flow.


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