Adidas corporate design

In recent years, there has been an increase in competition in Sports Company in the world as more and more athletes go for high-quality products. Adidas is one of the gigantic and famous companies that designs and distributors sportswear in the globe today and specializes in the production of shoes, clothing and sports accessories. Despite facing strong competition from other giant sports companies such as Nike, Adidas is based is still one of the largest sportswear manufacturer and the second biggest in the universe as of today. It is worth noting that Adidas is the holding company for Adidas group which consist of the Reebok Sportswear Company, Taylor Made-Adidas Golf Company, and Austrian fitness Technology Company. This assignment will focus on identifying different ways and methods that Adidas Shoe Company brands its soccer shoes.

To attract more and more customers, Adidas design team gives huge effort to make all their products look beautiful in the eyes of their already existing as well as the potential customer. Through branding, corporate design and company logos to put off stiff competition from Nike and Reebok companies. Adidas Company uses its official graphic design of the logo and the company name to reveal too much information to the existing customers to inform them of any new products or improvement in the taste and standards of the existing products. Moreover, the same logo and company name used by the company provides the all important information to attract new customers to like and use the company products through the use of too many visual communication elements in too many different ways (Talanow, 2014). A closer look at the company brand shows that over the years and currently the company uses different logos in their companies to attract their customers. Some of the visual communication from the company logo and designs and in their Adidas stores and headquarters include:


  1. There are three sub-brands that the company uses in its different stores around the globe, and each has their own stores. Thus, each brand or a constituent company of the larger Adidas Company uses its own logo, and this may not go down well with some customers of the company.

  2. Some of the stores in different parts of the world have a tendency of using Adidas performance sub-brand logo as their store front logo and actually sell Adidas original product that uses and have a different logo. The difference in logos used by the company as their storefront logo and the logo used in the products in the store may bring a lot of confusion to their customers.

  3. In some parts of the world, there are some Adidas stores which actually store all the brands of the company which has different logos and thus present different visual communication to its customers. Considering that the company uses different logos for their performance, originals and style products, this means these stores have different types of logos from one company. At times, this may be profitable since the customers can find the company products in the same room, but at the same time, this may send a negative message to the customers’ regard to their subsequent branches Brand 2.0: what could this mean for Adidas, Nike, Puma and Levi’s?,” 2015,).

Considering that the sporting goods industry is growing at a very high rate in size and in scope. The company focuses on using their brand to connect the company with their customers. As a result, the success of the brand Adidas means that the whole business and company will eventually succeed and reap from the investment. The core brand of the company Adidas and Rebook have strong identities in the sports industry as Adidas mainly focuses on sports and appeals to different types of athletes while Reebok focuses on fitness consumer. Therefore, the Adidas group can cope with the needs and desires of many consumers than any other company and in the process attains a good competitive advantage than their main competitors. To increase their customer base and improve their customer loyalty with customers from different parts of the world as well as strengthening the company brand, the company needs to focus on:

  1. Speed – the company should focus on becoming the first true sports company by making sure that they are in the front line to satisfy the needs of their customers as well as improve their internal decision making to make it simple and quick.

  2. Cities – the company is in the process of identified six major cities that are strategically located to supply the company products that have shown great potential to grow share of mind, the share of the existing market as well as the share of the fashion trend in sports industry which is changing at a very high rate “Shoe Branding ./ . adidas,” 2016,).

  3. Open source – to win over the customers and to make sure that the company gets the needs of their customers right every time they produce their brand, the company focuses on bringing on board important stakeholders to be part of their brand. This is achievable through putting customers’ suggestions and feelings into consideration when making their products and in the process, they improve the customer’s experience.


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