A lingerie Brand Case Study


Please review the history, philosophy, and advertising campaigns of the luxury British lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur and Canadian mass-market “funderwear” purveyor Ginch Gonch.

Compare and contrast the approaches to conceptualizing and selling underwear. What themes and images draw on (controversial) traditions and what’s new or unique?

Submit your findings with a selection of up to 10 images.


Become familiar with lingerie/underwear market trailblazers. Apply iconic imagery analysis to current campaigns.


A lingerie Brand Case Study

Fig. 1.1 Agent Provocateur’s stimulating lingerie

Agent Provocateur is a luxury lingerie retailer founded in 1994 (Snowy, 2016). Since inception, the company has established over 100 stores across 13 countries. Agent Provocateur’s philosophy states that the retailer aims at introducing a line of high quality lingerie with the ability to stimulate or spur eroticism among those who wear the lingerie as well as their partners. The luxury lingerie retailer features sexy advertisements depicting models adorning the retailer’s lingerie. The advertisements are meant to arouse emotions.

Fig. 1.2 Targeting men

Ginch Gonch was founded back in 2001 as a producer of quality underwear (Ginch Gonch, 2016). It revolutionized the underwear market which was dominated by dull, low quality, and colorless underwear. The company’s philosophy states “live life like a kid” pointing to the light-hearted approach the company takes regarding underwear. Ginch Gonch’s marketing campaigns are mainly conducted through the internet and selected magazines. Since 2008, the company has been targeting members of the gay community (Ginch Gonch, 2016).


There are similar approaches to conceptualizing and selling underwear used by both companies. First, both companies concentrate on producing quality underwear.

Fig 1.3 Agent Provocateur swimwear

Fig. 1.4 Ginch Gonch quality underwear

Both companies produce lingerie that is specifically meant to stimulate desire. Both also employ approaches that aim at creating enchanting pieces of lingerie; contrary to the previous pieces of lingerie that were dull or lacking in colors.

Fig. 1.5 Ginch Gonch advertising targeting the gay

On the contrary, Ginch Gonch particularly targets men and especially the gay community while Agent Provocateur’s main target is women. Certain themes from the two draw on controversial traditions. For the case of Ginch Gonch, the basic idea was borne out of the traditional black and white underwear. The unique thing is that Ginch Gonch targeted the gay community in its ad campaigns.

Fig. 1.6 A woman adorns Agent Provocateur’s lingerie

Agent Provocateur dwells on the controversial traditions revolving around sexiness. The retailer is currently known to produce erotic lingerie.



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