Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


You are a hr manager a female employee comes to you upset because a male co worker was  creating a hostile work environment by repeatedly asking her out on dates even after she said no. what would you do?formulate the conversation you would have and summarize the conversation you would have with the employee’s male co worker

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in the workplace. It involves unwelcome behavior by one individual to another. The behavior can be either direct or implied as long as it causes discomfort to the other individual (Gandhi, 2015). Majority of sexual harassment cases in the workplace often go unreported due to fear of reprisal. This may lead to stress, depression, stigmatization, and other serious health issues upon the victim. Sexual harassment mainly involves women as the victims and men as the perpetrators. Repeatedly asking a female colleague out on a date, despite her declining the invitations, is a form of sexual harassment (Gandhi, 2015). As the HR Manager, it is important to curtail such a behavior exhibited by the male colleague. A meeting with the perpetrator can help in solving the issue. The following is the possible conversation with the male co-worker.

HR Manager: Good morning, it is my hope your day started well. The reason for this meeting is to discuss issues concerning sexual harassment in the workplace. As you are aware, the company has a very strict policy concerning sexual harassment. The company will not hesitate to take action against employees who go against this policy. There has been a formal report made against you concerning harassing a female colleague. In particular, the report indicates that you have pestered your colleague with numerous requests that she accompanies you out for a date. Despite being turned down on several occasions, you continue with the behavior. What do you have to say?

Male Co-Worker: Well, I am surprised that it has come to this level. Actually, I did ask her out on a few occasions but I had not intend to cause any discomfort nor violate any of her rights. Although she turned down my offer, I had hope that she would one day accept to go out with me.

HR Manager: Do you have anything to add?

Female Co-worker: Not much. I clearly indicated to him that I was not willing to date, but he has been pursuing me relentlessly to the point that I feel my rights are being violated. I believe I have the right to choose whether I should date or not.

HR Manager: After carefully assessing this issue, I have concluded that you are creating a hostile environment for your colleague to work in. Although you may not realize, it is clear your behavior is annoying your colleague. Worse still, your behavior goes against the company rule. As such, you must stop that behavior immediately. Since this is the first offense, I will leave the issue there. However, I will still send you a letter detailing the company’s policy over sexual harassment for record purposes. You are dismissed.


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