New Visions of Fashion Media Panel


listen to the audio and summarize it. What did you learn from it?

There has a host Stephan Rabimov, and two guest speaker Mickey Boardman and Lars Peterse.

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New Visions of Fashion Media Panel

The Fashion Media Panel held by Mickey Boarman, Paper Magazine’s Editorial Director, and Lars Petersen, Visionnaire’s Digital Director gave a lively talk about digital and social impact on the dynamic fashion landscape. The biggest challenge faced by fashion media professionals is in trying to deliver interesting content to people on a daily basis. As the consumers become increasingly selective, designers must fight hard to remain relevant in the highly competitive market. The speaker notes that the emergence of new platforms for conveying information in the media world such as the internet has not eliminated the traditional media outlets such as newspapers. The fashion world is highly evolving just like the media industry. By doing things in nonconventional ways, the fashion industry is gaining a new lease of life. Success in the fashion industry can be achieved in a similar manner to the digital world; by doing things in a different manner.

A visual perspective is important as it makes products more appealing. As Mickey asserts that in the digital environment, consumers are more interested in having stories that are interesting to them, and those that they can easily relate to and understand as well. Such stories should also be sharable. The visual aspect is also important in the digital world. All these are the ingredients for success. According to Lars, the digital world is dominated by the bigger players which has enough financial resources to buy the smaller players. This is the same even in the fashion industry. Entering into collaborations can be a good way to enhance creativity of brands according to Mickey.

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