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How do you become a nurse if I already have a bachelor's?

How do you become a nurse if I already have a bachelor’s?

How do you become a nurse if I already have a bachelor's?You have a lot of possibilities if you formerly possess a bachelor’s degree and want to go to nursing school. Due to the competitive compensation, flexible schedule, and health benefits, many people choose to change occupations in their lives. Nursing is a well-liked profession.

Second-degree/accelerated programs are excellent possibilities for students who formerly have a bachelor’s degree and wish to become nurses. They are easier to earn, allowing you to save both time and money. For starters, nursing is a high-demand, fast-growing industry that offers plenty of rewards and opportunities, particularly for those with a BSN or higher. After all, A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is considered the least possible educational requirement for experienced convention by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

As a result, many healthcare organizations now demand registered nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) to return to school and complete their BSN within a certain time frame. In this essay, I’ll explain how to return to school and acquire a nursing degree even if you already have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, I’ll go over software possibilities, how long it will take, and the most prevalent requirements.

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An associate’s degree program (ADN)

This program takes two years to complete (vs. four years for a traditional bachelor’s degree program BSN). Please remember that when both an ADN and a BSN medical degree qualifies you to serve as a nurse practitioner, there are substantial differences between the two.

Second Degree/Accelerated Degree program:

This is the best option available to you! You can earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing (Bachelor of Science) in as little as 12 to two years with this program. These programs are incredibly popular since there is a high demand for people who wish to pursue nursing as a second career. The simplest way to find one is to look at relevant nursing schools in your vicinity to see if they allow a second degree or advanced degree program.

Second degree/accelerated programs are typically completed in five semesters, with one or perhaps more college courses taking place in the summer. It’s worth mentioning, though, that if you have not accomplished the pre-requisite courses for the nursing degree, it may take an extra semester. Let’s imagine that your bachelor’s degree is in English and you did not include Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2 or Microbiology in your coursework. So that you can participate in a nursing school, you must first complete these classes.


Returning to school for nursing necessitates careful financial planning. Nursing school is an expensive endeavor no matter where you go, and regrettably, second-degree ABSN students are frequently disqualified for university grants or scholarships, and many are not eligible for state or federal subsidies. However, keep in mind that a BSN degree is a wise investment in your future while you crunch the statistics. Just keep in mind that the ABSN program is a demanding, full-time study path that necessitates commitment and hard effort to achieve.

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What is the best online school for nursing?

What is the best online school for nursing?

What is the best online school for nursing?

Wondering what is the best online school for nursing?Find out in this article

As a profession, nursing is a well-known and fascinating option. Nurses have the advantage of being able to help people personally since they provide support and comfort all over the world. Most importantly, registered nurses (RN) have the ability to save a life. Although finishing a four-year program at a pricey university may seem impractical, prospective nurses might consider an online school. Many of the world’s most prominent institutions have colleges that offer online nursing programs. Those considering online nursing education should be encouraged by the need for more qualified nurses.

Nurses will be in more demand in the future due to the aging of the baby boomer generation and new healthcare initiatives. Hospitals are looking for qualified nurses who can lead the healthcare industry, which is one of the high rate growing industries in the globe. As a result, any nurse interested in furthering their education can now enroll in online Master of Science in Nursing, Ph.D. nursing programs or Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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Several advantages of an authorized online nursing degree are based on the fact that nurses are not required to attend classes on campus. Nurses can work and raise a family while furthering their education. Graduates of online nursing programs also have more career opportunities and higher earning potential in the marketplace. Whether nurses want to work in clinical nurse management, seek graduate or doctoral degrees, clinical nurse or management, they now have more options.

Many universities across the country provide fully online nursing platforms that anticipate students to gorge The National Council Licensure Examination and start working as registered nurses. This examination is a standardized one that each state nursing profession requires. It is understandable how difficult it can be to discover the ideal school for your specific needs. As a result, a platform for rankings of the best schools based on your top priorities have been created. this gets you covered, whether it’s the attendance cost, student performance, available materials, schedule accessibility, or any other number of other important factors.

Methodology for determining rankings

The order of the list was established by The National Council Licensure Examination pass rates, even though the number of platforms available online, costs of tuition, and comprehensive adjustability should all be considered. For many colleges with identical exam success percentages, the number of online courses should be the next factor to evaluate, as tabulated below.

1 University of Georgetown Washington, D.C., United States
2 University Of Duke Durham, North Carolina
3 Central Florida University Orlando, Florida
4 Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 Rush University Chicago, Illinois

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University of Georgetown online healthcare institutions equip students for professional nursing professions with a 99.2 % NCLEX pass record. Adult-Gerontology Astute Care Registered Nurse professional, Family Registered nurse, Midwifery/Health Care Registered Nurse Professional Women Medical Professional and Women’s rights Nurse Practitioner are two master’s degrees that are available. The Nurse Practitioner credential, which comprises of 44 semesters and less than 700 practical hours, can be completed in more than 10 months.

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Can I get my associates degree in nursing online

Can I get my associates degree in nursing online?

Getting Associate’s degree in nursing online

Can I get my associates degree in nursing online?

Being a nurse necessitates a certain calling. In many healthcare settings, registered nurses (RNs) are the first line of care and the backbone of daily operations.

Nursing is one of the most in-demand occupations because, while nurses have a lot of obligations, they also get a lot of satisfaction. They assist patients at their darkest and most vulnerable moments and remain by their side until their recovery. Many people want to be nurses because of the increasing financial advantages. However, many of them have other obligations that prevent them from attending class, for example, family responsibilities or involvement in full-time jobs, resulting in a lack of time in the classroom. This group requests or desires that there could be a program that offers all coursework online.

I have good news and bad news for you if you want to get your Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) online. The good news is that you can complete practically all of your courses through an online nursing program, but the bad news is that you will still be unable to obtain an associate’s degree due to the following factors.

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1. Nursing is not a profession that can be practiced in isolation, therefore it’s critical that students who are learning online have ample opportunities to communicate with their peers and teachers beyond simply answering questions and submitting assignments.

2. Currently, if you want to obtain your associate’s degree in nursing online, you must enroll in an online hybrid ADN program, which means the program will include both in-person and online sessions.

3. Some programs require you to attend an in-person orientation upon admission, as well as meetings throughout the year and clinical work in collaboration with the school. Some schools will work with you to find a local clinical site, while others will require you to travel to site placements near the school, which is why you should choose a school with practicum criteria that you can satisfy.

4. A recognized associate degree program in nursing cannot be completed entirely online. Although some schools provide entirely online education, all programs require you to complete a certain number of lab or clinical hours, which cannot be performed online.

To become an official RN, you must pass the NCLEX exam after completing your academic program and completing your clinical hours. To be given a Registered Nurse’s license in your state, you must complete all three components — academic courses, clinical hours, and passing the NCLEX.


Be cautious! Even “online ADN” programs aren’t entirely online because state nursing boards demand a certain number of in-person clinical hours before a Registered Nurse may be licensed. The actual amount of clinical hours required varies by state, but it is usually about 70. Clinical requirements are crucial because you will acquire the hands-on skills you will need to perform as a nurse, including anything from inserting an IV to dealing with equipment and patients in person.

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What Can I Expect From a Nursing Career?

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Services offered by our nursing writing service

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Essay writing help for BSN

Speedywriters, we are the best for providing you with essay writing help for BSN. A Bachelor of Science in nursing takes not less than four years. During the four year study, the student must work on several assignments submit term papers, research papers, case studies and even a dissertation before graduating.

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Examples of quantitative nursing paper topics

Quantitative research, also known as “empirical research,” is any research study that is based on someone who can be correctly and exactly quantified. It’s possible, for example, to determine how many times a hummingbird’s wings pulse every second and then assess the physiological consequences (heart rate, temperature, etc.).

This article covers the steps that can be used to choose a research topic and restrict it down to a single research question. Another collection of nursing research paper topics follows. Hopefully hope that eventually one of these suggestions may inspire or lead you in the right direction.Below are some of the best quantitative nursing research topics.

The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Children with Autism

-New Vaccination Methods for Teenagers eHealth:

-Stress Management in the Nursing Profession: What Works and What Doesn’t

– Bone Injuries Recovery

-Does It Make Sense to Provide Spiritual Care?

-Opioid Use in Rheumatoid Arthritis

– Symptoms in the ER That Medicine Can’t Explain

-Modern Neonatal Practices

– Problems with an Average Woman’s Sexual Health

– Common Headache Causes

– Government-Sponsored Pregnancy Prevention Measures

– Government-Sponsored Healthcare Financing Strategies

– Women’s Potential Consequences of Abortion

– Childbirth Efficacy Evaluation

– Quality Assessment Techniques in Healthcare & Medicine

– Maternal Practices in Urban Areas

– Integration of Childcare Services in Primary Care

– Obese Pregnant Women’s Obesity Guidelines

-Self-Instruction Kits for Anorexia Nervosa

-Mental Causes of Anorexia Nervosa

– Recommendations for the Post-Natal Period

– Continuous Treatment and Care in Midwifery –

-A Case Study of a Positive Birth Experience

-Gestational Weight Gain Issues

-The Importance of Healthy Nutrition and Hydration

-What Are Every Nurse’s Obligations in Any Situation?

– ADHD Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

– Disease Management and Prevention Techniques

– The Importance of Vaccination for Children and Adolescents

– Pregnancy Termination: Health Risks for Women

– Every Pharmacist’s Obligations

– How to Prevent Child Obesity

– How to Maintain a Sexually Safe Culture

– What Are the Most Common Autism Symptoms?

– Healthcare Sales Promotion Campaigns Ethics

– Telemedicine’s Benefits and Drawbacks

– Pediatric Care Ethics

– Speech Therapy Therapies

– Medical Uniform Code Principles

– Psychosocial Components of Infant Treatment

– Convulsions in Young Adolescents

– Home Healthcare and Self-Medication

– Dealing with Different Types of Eating Disorders

-Patient Security and Human Factors

-Patient Treatment in Prison

– Social Media and Pop Culture’s Impact on Bad Habits and Illnesses

– Apologies Legislation and Regulations

– Children’s Antibiotic Resistance

– Cannabis Coordination and Monitoring in Nursing

-Causes and Treatments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

-Autism and Vaccination

-Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool Children

-Eating Disorders and the Impact of Social Media

-Infant Seizures -Adolescent Medicine Practices -Child Obesity and Healthy Eating

-Speech Disorders Therapy -Pediatric Care Ethics

-Psychological Aspects of Infant Care -A Case Study of Migraine

-Adult Mental Health and Psychiatric Care

-Programs for Obesity and Weight Loss

Nursing degree programs emphasize research since it is critical to enhancing practice of nursing and patient outcomes. Before graduating and becoming a registered nurse, all student nurses must demonstrate their ability to complete an independent learning project

How to write a nursing paper

If you have decided to pursue nursing as a profession and have registered in a nursing school program, you may be faced with a variety of writing projects. Essays in nursing school are different from ones you’ve already written. This article will outline some of the actions you’ll need to take in order to produce a professional essay.

1. Know what you’re doing.

Reading the book and the essay question carefully will provide you with some ideas for your future essay. The success of your essay is determined by how well you comprehended the essay question.

2. Choose a topic: If your professor has not offered you a topic and you must choose one on your own, this step is required. Ensure that the topic you select is relevant to your interests

3. carry out the research: Examine all credible sources, such as the library, databases, the internet, and so on. Assemble as much information as possible before narrowing your focus.

4. Make a rough outline: You will need a detailed strategy of whatever you need to write in order to compose a well-structured essay.

5. Compose the introduction: under this section, you must provide a brief overview of the topic you will be discussing throughout your essay.

6. Write the body: depending on the topic, between one-three paragraphs are required.

7. Write a conclusion: in this section, you’ll need to summarize the facts you’ve already covered in the body.

8. Edit and proofread the paper. Examine the essay to see if it is simple to read.

A professional nursing essay should not only have a compelling topic but it should also be written flawlessly, with proper professional language and structure and no spelling or grammar errors. To do so, you’ll either need to be an excellent writer or seek professional assistance.


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Nursing Career

What Can I Expect From a Nursing Career?

Nursing is an attractive career to pursue given how fast the field is growing and the numerous opportunities available. If you are considering becoming a nurse or you are currently studying a nursing program, below are some of the things you can expect.

Nursing School Is No Easy Feat

Nursing school is challenging, whether you are studying a degree course or a diploma program. There are lots of theory and practical courses to learn, all of which require dedication, hard work, and in-depth research. There will be many assignments too so you need to manage your time wisely. This way you can complete your homework on time and still keep up with classwork.

Also, you may have to get a job as you complete your nursing program. In this case, you’ll have to be flexible with online classes and convenient scheduling to balance both work and school. However, nursing school is challenging but doable.

You’ll Gain Nursing Experience in Various Specialties

Nurses have the opportunity to work in various specialties and environments including hospital wards, long-term care, and the ER. While all this might seem overwhelming at first, you’ll gain extensive experience and skills that can help you choose your desired specialty afterward. Many nurses say that they had no clue what nursing specialty they wanted to pursue in nursing school. However, being exposed to numerous environments definitely helps to shape your interest.

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Opportunities to Advance Your Nursing Career

Nursing is a career that allows you to grow as far as you want profession-wise. You can advance your nursing degree to become a Registered Nurse (RN), earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or study for a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)  so you can qualify for leadership and management roles.

That’s not all. After attaining an MSN, you can enroll in post-masters certificate programs that qualify you for certification in new specialties. Since these post-masters programs add to your scope of expertise and practice, you can advance your career with better job positions and higher pay.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Nurse?

Nursing programs take between 1 and 4 years depending on the level you are studying. For instance:

  • LVN/LPN takes 1 year
  • Registered Nurse (RN) Associate’s degree takes 2 years
  • Registered Nurse (RN) Bachelor’s degree takes 4 years

Advantages of a Nursing Career

There is a growing shortage of nurses in the United States with many job openings becoming available. This shortage offers some sort of job security with the potential to switch career paths or advance one’s scope of practice. You can work in various modern work environments including parks, schools, government agencies, and offices. 

The average salary for a registered nurse was around $67000 in 2017. However, you can increase your earnings by:

  • Working as a nurse educator
  • Seeking employment in a higher-paying state
  • Obtaining advanced degrees and post-masters certifications so you can work in specialties that pay higher
  • Working on-call shifts or overtime

While nursing is a rewarding career, it is not always easy. But with compassion, determination, listening skills, and stress management, you can overcome daily challenges to excel in your career.

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good nurse

Qualities That Make A Good Nurse

Nurses play a crucial role in the Healthcare system. They meet the needs of every patient with immaculate care. Nurses acquire their expertise by undergoing a nursing degree program but also have other qualities that impact their professional success. Whether you’re a nursing student or someone aspiring to become a nurse, below are some top qualities of a good nurse.

Effective Communicator

A good nurse must have good communication skills. You should be able to communicate clearly with a patient, their family, and even your coworkers. At the same time, you should be able to take instructions from your supervisors and co-workers, especially if you are working under a lot of pressure. 

Communication is key when it comes to providing quality healthcare and meeting your patients’ needs. You must also be able to receive information efficiently and effectively. Since doctors may have too much on their schedule to provide in-depth instruction, you must be able to read and understand charts and treatment plans by yourself. You should collect your patient vitals’ data and record it for other doctors, nurses and medical staff to analyze and interpret.

Also, patients are bound to feel anxious in situations where they do not know much. If you are proactive as a nurse, you can communicate to the patient and their family what the medical issue is and how you plan on solving it. Providing clear information about treatment, diagnosis, and test results is a great way to keep patients and their families informed about what is going on and what they need to do for the patient to get better.

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It is crucial for nurses to be empathetic to what their patients are going through. You can show empathy in many ways including listening without interrupting, even when you think you know better than the patient. For instance, you can show empathy by explaining to a patient what they can expect during a treatment or procedure.

One of the best ways to show empathy is by imagining yourself in your patients’ shoes. Amidst all that pain and confusion, it would be nice to hear comforting words or to have someone to listen and show that they understand what you’re going through.


One of the best qualities of a nurse is the ability to show compassion. In your nursing career, you’re likely to see patients suffer more times than you would like to. Your job goes beyond offering treatment. You should be able to express compassion to your patient and their loved ones. This also means being able to form meaningful relationships with your patient for the time that they are at your medical facility.


As a nurse, you must be hardworking enough to meet your goals. Expect to spend long shifts on your feet, among other physically demanding tasks. However, if you are passionate about your work and your desire to help patients, you can put in the necessary effort to ensure your patients’ needs are met and that they’re comfortable.


Your emotions must be stable for you to show empathy to your patients. However difficult your day has been, you must not show anger or irritation with your patients. Working in the healthcare industry can be emotionally demanding with each day bringing its fair share of joys and disappointments.  In difficult situations, you must be able to manage your emotions and responses so you can focus on solving your patients’ problems and improving their health.


For a nurse to care effectively for their patient, they need to be as knowledgeable as possible. For instance, a deep understanding of microbiology and human anatomy can help you apply medical theories in real-life situations to even save a patient’s life. Moreover, you must have earned a degree through a nursing program to become a registered nurse. This program imparts knowledge that you can implement throughout your nursing career. While most of your knowledge may come from what you learned during the nursing program, you may have to do research to add to what you already know.

Critical Thinker

To succeed as a nurse you require strong problem solving and analytical skills. You require critical thinking to analyze different pieces of information and put them together to arrive at rational conclusions. This is mostly applicable when it comes to offering medication for different health conditions. You have to think quickly on your feet and under pressure so you can address your patients’ needs. For instance, if you work in triage, you must analyze and interpret diagnoses to determine the best course of action in medical emergencies.

A nursing career can be very fulfilling and is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make a difference in people’s lives. If you possess the above qualities, you should have no problem excelling in your occupation.

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Becoming a Nurse: Course and Career Guide

The world has and will always need nurses; so don’t worry that becoming a nurse will suddenly stop “being cool”. And, nurses don’t just offer bedside care to patients in hospitals and special homes; there are qualified nurses in advocacy, education, and leadership roles throughout the US. If you have always wanted to make a difference by compassionately helping patients and senior citizens, nursing may be an excellent career for you. 

But, first, here’s how you become a nurse.

Whether you are looking to be a registered nurse (RN), a licensed vocational or practical nurse (LVN/LPN), or an administrator, you need a solid education to start with. You must graduate from an accredited nursing school or program before getting licensed.

  1. Nursing Career Guide

Your nursing career can take any direction you want, from starting out as a staff nurse or certified nursing assistant and working your way up to becoming a nurse administrator. You can determine the career path you want to take by considering your ideal work environment. For instance, a registered nurse mostly works in a medical setting, be it a doctor’s office or hospital. On the other hand, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) will find themselves mostly working in a nursing home. What setting inspires you the most?

Consider the role you would play as well. For instance, if you are interested in a leadership role where you would oversee systems and manage assistants and other nurses, you may be best suited for a career as an advanced practice nurse or RN. but, if you are more interested in supporting medical staff, a career as a CNA  or LVN/LPN would be a good fit. Also, the type of nursing you are interested in determines the type of education to need to actualize your dream.You must take your nursing coursework very serioulsy to ensure you succed with your degree or diploma.

  1. Get a Degree

Most nursing programs comprise clinical experience and classroom instruction. Clinical training is usually the most engaging part; you get to connect with other nurses, gain practical knowledge and learn from real-life cases. You’ll also get a pretty good idea of how medical facilities operate.

To become a registered nurse, for instance, you’ll need an associate degree from a community college. This degree takes less time to complete than other nursing programs so you can join the workforce soon after. However, some employers prefer nurses with a bachelor’s degree due to the in-depth training and education they receive.

On the plus side, you can proceed to earn a higher degree personally or with tuition reimbursement from your employer. You will need a bachelor’s degree to enroll in advanced nursing programs such as a master’s degree or doctorate of nursing practice.

  1. Become Licensed

Upon completing your education, you’ll be required to take an exam to demonstrate your skills and nursing knowledge. This exam is the prerequisite to getting licensed so you can practice nursing.

Did you just get into nursing school or are considering taking up a nursing career? While the course may not be a walk in the park, your determination will see you through the course and into the job you envision. And if you need any academic help down the road, we have highly qualified nursing professionals to help you out, at a reasonable fee, of course.


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Should you study biology science to be a nurse

Should you study biology science to be a nurse

Just like doctors, nurses must have medical knowledge. The reason is that they are required to triage patients, perform simple procedures, and carry out tests. Nurses also provide general care, requiring training and scientific understanding.

Generally, nurses in numbers make up the most significant portion of the healthcare system, and they usually carry out various tasks when they are on duty. Therefore, being a nurse is both rewarding and challenging. A typical day of a nurse, they come across many challenges, but at the end of the day, other people benefit from the care they receive.

There are about 40,000 nurses, according to NHS. They are present in hospitals and other health care departments. For those who want to become nurses, it’s better to understand the requirements and nursing coursework you will be doing in the class.

To be a nurse, you must have a degree in nursing. Most BSN programs require the learner with science A levels. Though, if you don’t have a science background, all is not lost.

How to become a nurse in the UK

To become a nurse, you have to complete an undergraduate nursing degree. Having a nursing degree is not negotiable because you must take care of patients. Just like any other degree course, there are entry requirements.

Every university has the right to specify its requirements, but you at least need two A levels. A nursing degree stipulates that you should have an A grade in biology, sociology, and psychology.

It would be best if you also had GCSEs, including mathematics, sciences like biology, and English. Also, it’s good to check with your university to know what is required.

To make everything clear, you don’t have to be a scientist to be a nurse. However, a good understanding of biology science is a bonus. When you start taking your nursing degree, you will cover human biology in detail. Therefore you can begin getting knowledge as you start your studies.

Also, if you don’t have science A levels, there is a way of getting around. If you have experience, especially voluntary work, your requirements may be different.

Nursing degree alternatives

If you cannot pursue a nursing degree in the university, there are ways in which you can become a nurse. You can begin with foundation courses that will allow you to start your university degree.

These studies will add one year to your research, meaning if the nursing degree course takes four years, you will have to study for five years. The classes also will come with extra tuition fees.

Financial difficulties also make some studies fail to begin studying their degree; you can explore other routes to achieve your nursing degree. One of the most popular routes is access to nursing courses.


If you love nursing courses, there are several ways to get around and achieve your dream career. You don’t have to study biology to be a nurse.

Write my nursing coursework

Write my nursing coursework

To become a certified nurse, one must complete a nursing course that involves coursework assignments and practicals. Most nursing students face difficulties managing their time to do practicals and completing studies that need a lot of research. Instead of struggling to complete nursing essay writing tasks and end up getting low grades that can hardly earn you a job, it is wiser to seek the help of an online custom writing service.In this article we will discuss how to order write my nursing coursework help.

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Nursing essay examples

We are capable of writing all types of nursing essays. One of the custom essays every student studying nursing has to write is why I want to be a nurse.

How to write why I want to be a nurse essay

Nursing is not an easy course. It only takes those who have a passion and willingness to complete up to the last year of study. A bachelor’s degree in nursing can take at least three years or four years. The course is divided into the first year, the second year, the third, and internship.

Because nurses are lifesavers, most institutions worldwide scrutinize all the students who are applying to study nursing courses. They determine the passionate students by asking every applicant to write an essay on why I want to be a nurse.

In this tutorial, we will give you insights on how you can prove that you can become a good nurse. Have this in your mind. There are several other applicants you are competing with; therefore, you have to impress the evaluators to be admitted for a nursing course.

Key points to include in a nursing school application essay

  • State the reason why you have to choose a nursing course. You can include how you are passionate about helping those in need.
  • Include what inspired you to be a nurse. If it was an encounter or engagement, make sure to include it. For example, it can be the first aid you gave to some who was really in need.
  • What are your academic interests?
  • What is your character? Explain how it will help you to be the best nurse.
  • State what you like about nursing. What is noble about becoming a nurse? Including saving people’s lives and helping those who are sick in bed.
  • Then conclude by stating the reason why the evaluators should consider your application.

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Who Uses our Nursing Coursework Writing Help

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What our Nursing assignment help can do for you

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Related questions

Can I pay someone to do my nursing assignment?

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What are the prerequisites for BSN nursing programs?

To be admitted for BSN nursing programs, you must submit the following requirements:-

  • CV or Resume
  • Cumulative GPA for high school or degree program should be 2.75 or higher.
  • Write essay
  • Provide references
  • Volunteer experience
  • Must have done the following topics in coursework, i.e., anatomy, biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, physiology, etc.


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Find out how to purchase cheap nursing papers



Research a story of whistle-blowing. Relate what “your” whistle-blower did with the seven steps recommended in the chapter. What have you learned from the comparison?



In the recent period, whistle-blowing has emerged as a popular method of exposing malpractices in organizations. Whistle-blowers are those who expose fraud. On some occasions, whistle-blowers have experienced retaliatory action from organizations and individuals exposed of fraud. This has necessitated governments to develop whistle-blower protection guidelines. In 2010, Cheryl D. Eckard exposed irregularities at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) pharmaceutical company. The company had for years sold contaminated pharmaceutical products and ineffective antidepressants. Cheryl D. Eckard was the quality manager at the company during the time. After notifying the company of the contamination issues, the company terminated her employment instead of resolving the issues she highlighted.

In the seven steps of “how to blow the whistle”, the whistle-blower should first notify the manager just like Eckard did. If the manager fails to take note, the whistle-blower should make another approach such as writing a memo in order to get the attention of the managers. The second step involves discussing the issue with family members. This is because the issue will likely impact the family. The next step is to “take it to the next level”. This involves using more concrete means in trying to get the management’s attention. For instance, one may request a meeting with the management to discuss the issues. If this fails, then it’s time to notify the company’s ethics department. At this stage, it is important to establish whether the country has elaborate whistle-blower protection policy. Such a policy would have protected Eckard from being sacked from her job.

The fifth step involves seeking support from friends in the company or from other departments that may be willing to help solve the issue. For instance in her case, Eckard could approach the quality control department for help. In step six, the whistle-blower should seek help from relevant authorities outside the company. This is the action that Ecakrd took. Lastly, it may be advisable to leave the company. Majority of whistle-blowers experience retaliatory actions from management and other employees.



Harris, G., & Wilson, D. (2010, Oct. 26). Glaxo to Pay $750 Million for Sale of Bad Products.     The New York Times.

Treviño, L. K., & Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do             it right. New York: John Wiley.

Personal Ethics Development